The Smart Choice.

The Challenge

Your data is trapped within Excel, SAS data sets, or flat files accessible only by institutional researchers. Information sharing is done with static PDF files or Excel spreadsheets. You want to allow your stakeholders the ability to visualize, examine, and manipulate the reports and charts, but the traditional enterprise reporting solutions today are built using expensive hardware, proprietary database licenses and in-house personnel. Your critical information is expensive to access and hard to utilize.

The Solution

Profiles is a web-based tool that allows your decision makers to access their own data in visually appealing ways through their web browser. Each institution can create its own set of customized dashboards and reports, and there is never any need for technical training, software licensing, or hardware purchases. Profiles can accept data in any format an from any server. We can pull data for annual reports like Factbooks, or daily reports like course enrollments or student applications. We then present it to you via a secure web interface.

Built exclusively for Higher Education


Web Hosted


More Affordable


days integration vs. 6+ months

Smart Technology

Automatic Nightly Pull

Each night Profiles pulls your operational data from the source database and loads it into the Profiles database.

Data Analysis and Optimization

Once in the cloud, Profiles runs an ETL process to massage the data into a report friendly format.

Beautiful Reports on Any Device

The web server pulls data from our Azure server and delivers it to a variety of devices and platforms.

Try it for yourself

Imagine your institution’s performance metrics available to you anywhere, any time. Imagine tapping through flexible dashboards and charts, pulling key indicators from the cloud to any secured device. Now you can.

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