Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my data stored?

The Profiles reporting data are stored on a Postgres server running in Azure. There are Azure data centers throughout the USA and the world.

How can you offer your product at such a low price?

Microsoft Azure has aggressively priced their cloud computing solutions, and Higher Ed Profiles passes those savings onto the institutions we serve. Further, we use our own software to avoid the inflated enterprise licensing fees charged by the usual industry vendors. Finally, we have built the most commonly requested reports to spread development costs among many users.

What if I need reports that you don’t supply?

While we have provided a plentiful set of charts, reports, tables, and dashboards right out of the box, we understand that you will have your own unique needs. In those cases, we work with you to build those custom reports that leverage the existing Profiles infrastructure.

Do you support freeze/census data sets?

Profiles provides enterprise reporting for both census/freeze data sets and recurring (daily) extracts. The frequency of the data load is matched to the purpose of the report, and that is driven by the institution’s needs.

Still Have a Question?

Daily Enrollment Reports

Profiles can extract your daily enrollments and provide current waitlist counts, section fill rates, and other important scheduling information


We create dashboards and reports specific to your institution’s different needs and missions.

Solutions Out-Of-The-Box

Your core reports, like term headcount, class size, and retention rates, all come pre-built so you are up and running in weeks, not months.

The switch from manually created PDF files to an on-line query tool has saved us time and given faculty access to disaggregated data important for our program improvement efforts.

Andrew Lamanque

AVP of Instruction, Foothill College

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